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Making Your Holiday Brighter

The Christmas Company wants to help create a stunning Animated and Synchronized light shows for your home, commercial property or business location that will make memories for your family or patrons, last for many years to come. Our Animated and Synchronized lighting options takes the average display and creates a CUTTING-EDGE EXPERIENCE.

We are a full service Christmas lighting company that provides Animated Christmas Lights, Synchronized Light Shows, and many other In-Season and Out-of-Season Lighting Events for malls, life-style centers, hotels, resorts, casinos, churches and residential homes of any size. All of our Animated Christmas Lights and Synchronized Light Shows will grab the attention of cars driving through your location or residential community that will continue to increase traffic on a nightly basis.

Think about the possibilities of allowing us to electronically control your lighting display by computer. Your house or building can move to the music as the lights twinkle, small bushes and landscape lights can chase back and forth, trees can fade or change colors and there are several other possibilities and options available, all you have to do is ask and we will make it happen.

What Is The Difference Between Animated And Synchronized Shows?

Animated Lighting adds lighting effects to your current display by creating different choreographed sequences to each area of the project.

Synchronized Lighting takes some of your favorite non-Christmas songs and or Christmas songs and synchronizes the lights to the music.

Animated and Synchronized lighting is a special way we take regular LED Christmas lights and combine specific timings, commands, and an audio track and create a spectacular work of Art!

Each light show is unique in its own way and no two shows are the same. Our team of professionals will address both Animated Light Shows and Synchronized Light Shows with you and determine which will be best for your location

Light Show Services

We have the experience and expertise to make the lights “Dance to the Music.” Our team of professionals are committed to providing you with a complete Light Show Program. This starts with our consulting services, we will meet with you at your location and help you determine the correct design, equipment and show that best fits your environment. After you have chosen the light show package that best suits you, we will submit a quotation that breaks everything down, including the scope of work, products, and pricing. Our team will now be ready to install, maintain the light show as needed during the season, remove, package, and store your light show at the conclusion of the season. We look forward to the opportunity in serving you in any capacity you might need.

What Is Included With Our Basic Animated Or Synchronized Light Show?

Light Show prices begin at $7,500.

Please Contact Us Today If You Are Interested In A Light Show!!

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